About us


SkillNet is Sri Lanka’s largest revolutionary platform for industry professionals designed with the aim of enhancing growth opportunities for Job Seekers, Employers and Business Consultants/Trainers, alike.

At SkillNet we pride ourselves in being the 1st global online platform that allows Job Seekers to earn monetary rewards each time your profile is downloaded by a potential employer. 

All profiles created on SkillNet are strictly monitored and maintained by our dedicated team of industry professionals who are ready and willing to assist all Candidates, Employers and Business Consultants/Trainers in setting up profiles that generate optimum results.

If you are a member of SkillNet as an Employer, this platform also allows you to efficiently shortlist candidates based on the organization’s required skill-set with a single click, thereby significantly reducing recruitment timelines without the hassle of incurring any additional recruitment and advertising costs.

Members who join as Business Consultants/Trainers are provided with the added advantage of being able to specifically target market segments to which their areas of expertise are the most impactful, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.


If you’re considering whether or not to create your profile and register with us either as a Job Seeker, Employer or Business Consultant/Trainer, here’s why you should definitely sign up!

If you’re a Job Seeker:

  • Earn while you job hunt. Candidates can earn claimable monetary rewards each time your profile is downloaded by an Employer
  • Increased visibility of your professional profile amongst a large network of employers
  • FREE assessment of your Résumé by industry professionals
  • Dedicated Account Manager assigned to efficiently and effectively manage your profile
  • 24*7 Online Support
  • Employers/Recruiters will now reach you, allowing you to save precious time of having to spend hours applying for jobs
  • Access to a FREE Résumé and Cover Letter Builder

If you’re an Employer:

  • Dedicated Account Manager assigned to assist you with the recruitment process
  • Significant reduction in recruitment costs, time and effort
  • 24*7 access to Sri Lanka’s largest virtual talent pool
  • 24*7 Online Support
  • ZERO advertising and designing costs
  • Ability to shortlist the most suitable candidates for vacancies with a single click
  • Access to exclusive Offers from Top Sri Lankan brands/ Merchants for members

If you’re a Business Consultant/Trainer:

  • 24*7 access to Sri Lanka’s largest database of industry professionals
  • Search for Employers/Organizations to promote your corporate profile and training programs
  • FREE email marketing and online training banner
  • Visibility of your training calendar
  • Receive training inquiries instantly and directly to your profile